David and Pierre meet at La Fontaine

[novel extract: Earlier in the day, the two older men who met outside La Fontaine café in Nice were obviously very pleased to see each other. They looked like any other travelers enjoying this quiet, leafy oasis on Place Magenta – a wide pedestrian strip connecting Rue de la Liberté and Rue Massena. It was home to several popular cafes and restaurants.

After their warm greetings they sat down on the red chairs, ordered coffee and biscotti, and then began to engage in conversation. ]

They update each other, and share the personal threats they have both received, before returning to this curious meeting that Jak scheduled…

[novel extract: “What did your last message say?”

“ It said, ‘Meet 3×5 + 2 at La Fountain rouge, Nice, urgent.’”

“Hmm. Mine was the same,” David added, “I thought it was really clever of Jak.”

Pierre held up his hand to interrupt David’s explanation.

“Yes, I soon realized that the name ‘La Fountain’ was a misspelling – just in case someone else got hold of the code by mistake. They would think that we were meeting at the large fountain near Place Massena – the main square. But the café and chairs here are red, so it made perfect sense once I thought about it.” ]

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