What is more exciting – sales or satisfaction?

What is more exciting – sales or satisfaction? A good question to put to an author. Most authors might argue that they need their bread and butter – therefore, sales are most important. But, of course, sales will not come from a poor script – or will they? I have picked up books from well-known authors and been put off after reading the first paragraph, simply due to its poor grammar and lack of engagement. Now, back to the question. For me, it is reader satisfaction that is the biggest ‘buzz’. The other day, a reader commented on how much he had enjoyed the accurate detail in 3 WISE MEN. It made me smile. It also gave me satisfaction too – satisfaction that all my research was making the book come alive for the reader. That was exciting! I was also excited to see another ebook sold this morning. But I would be more excited to see that sale translated into positive feedback from the reader. That, I have decided, would bring the most satisfaction!

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