Jeff Bezos Defines the Essentials of an Epic Story

The author Brad Stone, in his book ‘Amazon Unbound’, mentions a moment when Jeff Bezos rattled off a list of the main ingredients of a great story. You might like to check these against your writing too. They are (condensed):

1. A heroic/compelling protagonist who experiences growth and change
2. Wish fulfillment (e.g. the protagonist has hidden abilities)
3. Moral choices
4. Diverse worldbuilding (different geographic landscapes)
5. Cliffhangers (urgency to read the next chapter or watch the next episode)
6. High Stakes (a global threat or a devastating pandemic)
7. Humor
8. Betrayal
9. Positive emotion (love, joy, hope)
10. Negative emotion (loss, sorrow)
11. Violence (one that I am not a huge fan of)

source: Amazon Unbound, pg 151

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