Women Love the Details

I did wedding photography professionally for a few years to help earn enough money to keep our family going (and because I enjoyed the challenge and pressure of this most important day). After each photoshoot my wife would ask, “What was the bride wearing?” To which I replied at first with, “White.” After a while, I looked for more details in the dress and veil; the delicate lace, the patterns, the shape of the dress, etc. In writing, I too often gloss over important details. Why? Because they are not important, in my opinion, to the plot. However, for female reader, these details are very important. Conclusion? I am trying to add details where they are necessary and especially when a woman’s viewpoint is being expressed. An example from chapter 9 in my new novel follows.

[“Can you see the boats up close?”

“Oh yes, and it’s fun to browse the stalls alongside the Promenade de laCroisette. They sell anything from anchors to zodiacs. I bought a lovely silk top there last year and some powerful binoculars to help me get closer to the action. I love watching the collection of antique yachts. From the ground, their masts tower like giant pickup-sticks held together with bird nests of spreaders and stays. Once, I had to duck under a massive varnished boom stretching right across the boardwalk. It’s fun to feel part of the action.”

“And you should see the crews. Women loading snacks for a day at sea, looking prim and proper in matching caps. And the thighs of tanned men in tight whites, leaping over teak decks and hauling sails in sacks, is enough to,” she touches his arm. “To make a woman’s heart miss a beat.”

“I’m not sure I understand.”

“No, perhaps you don’t, but the Regatta Royale brings together men and women who desire the same thing.”


“What is it about you men always having sex on your mind?”

“Not always,” says Karlo.


He laughs. “No, if it’s not sex, it’s food.”]

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