Finding a Literary Agent

Finding the right literary agent is harder than finding a partner. When I co-authored my school textbook, the editor from Macmillan’s was perfect—professional, yet sympathetic; warm and encouraging, though not reluctant to steer us in the right direction. She knew her craft and the final product was excellent. When it comes to novels, I am no expert on literary agents because I have yet to find the right one. But, I am sure that when I do, they will be like my textbook editor and have my best interests at heart. Meanwhile, I keep working on producing the very best manuscript I can; one that is polished, error free, and compelling in terms of plot and pace. I have learned not to treat my agent query like a round of speed-dating, but to focus on the agent who has the same interests as me and the experience to navigate the best publishing deal. How long will this take? Months or years. Does it matter if the novel is able to stand the test of time?

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