Jak Arrives in Arrivals

Arrival halls can be noisy and confusing places. Jak is confused more than most after his rather unfortunate incident en route.

[novel extract: “The only information I heard was to tell us that we had arrived at Terminal 1 and to collect any luggage from Carousel 1. There was also something mentioned about taking a shuttle bus outside the terminal, but I was expecting someone to meet me.
“It was quite funny though because I forgot that I had no booked luggage. So I stood with other passengers who had gathered around the Carousel waiting for their bags. I had a splitting headache and can remember staring for at the ugly orange and white pillars before realizing that I only had carry-on bags.

“Feeling rather stupid, I turned and walked toward the exit, still unsure where I was. In front of me I saw a flight attendant being pushed along in a wheelchair. Then I looked at the row of signage boards being held up. By this time my head hurt even more and I realized that I might have concussion.”

“So,” Sasha asked, “was your friend there to meet you?” ]

In some bizarre way, after arriving, this is where Jak meets his jealous rivals!

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