Editing is Like Rotating Wine Bottles in a Cellar

There is much debate and mystery to the idea of having to turn wine bottles to improve their flavour and consistency.

My book has 86 chapters and I look on each one as a bottle of wine, lying on shelves in a cellar. And each, like a good wine, needs to be left to age, then turned from time to time. I have left the ageing process alone and now feel that I am in the final stages of turning each bottle – that is, carefully editing each chapter and checking that it is ready for publication. I hope that when it is, it will taste and feel special to my readers, with no wasted words or any sentences that fail to support the “label”. ¬†Which segues nicely to the role of wine in my new book. Wine does indeed have a place or two, but only when characters meet. Of course, too much wine can lead to problems and this may well happen to one or two of my characters. All will be revealed in due course.

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