I Spy …

[ novel extract:  “I think I’m far too quiet to be a spy,” Jak suggested.

“Oh, many spies are quiet types,” she informed Jak.

He gave her a quizzical look as she continued. “And Graham Greene wasn’t the only spy to be busy writing on the French Riviera. Somerset Maugham came here earlier, and lived in luxury at Cap Ferrat, just south of Antibes. He employed thirteen staff at his fabulous residence – the Villa Mauresque.”

“13 is also a prime number,” he noted.

“Of course,” Sasha continued. “It was well known that Maugham worked for MI5 – the British domestic secret service. He used to say that that this coast was a sunny place for shady people.” Again she giggled, but this time for longer, and Jak felt drawn closer to this captivating woman. ]

Aha! So this thriller is about spies is it not? Well, don’t get too excited yet. Perhaps, but perhaps not! However, not only does the introduction of conversation about spies increase our interest, it creates some real question marks over this woman “Sasha” who joined Jak on the train. This is an excellent thriller to try and spot the spies! Whether they do or not, this novel location is obviously a “sunny place for shady people”- even at night!

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