3 Wise Men – Revised Thriller Now on Kindle

Today, 3 Wise Men was released in Kindle again! This is a completely revised version, with an extra 3000 words and, hopefully, more drama and tension. Most chapters had improvements and, in my humble opinion, it is a better read.

Don’t miss this chance to enjoy a great thriller, set in exotic locations in southern France and Italy. Of course, please give feedback as it is taken seriously and helps the next book too. For example, my wife and I had someone join us for dinner last night and our guest was reading 3 WISE MEN but thought a word was not the ‘right’ one. After giving it some thought – lots of thought – after they had gone, I made the change and it fitted better. The formatting was finished by today and the new book uploaded (with my friend’s suggestion) less than 24 hours later. Oh, the delights of self-publishing!

Speaking of the next book, how is it going? I’m pleased you asked. Over Christmas and the New Year, excellent progress was made and I hope to finish the draft version in just a few weeks.

What do China, The Vatican and Italy have in common?

They might all be after the secret that Jak Colins (the protagonist in 3 WISE MEN) is hiding. But, don’t get too excited. Other jealous groups could be involved too. This thriller blends many complex characters together as the seek out the lucrative formula that Jak has unearthed – one that actually existed 4,000 years ago and promises to disrupt a global industry in much the same way that Steve Jobs did with the launch of the Apple computer on April 1, 1976 (April Fool’s Day).

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