So, what happens when you come to my book launch?

I was chatting to our hostess for the book launch of 3 WISE MEN. She loved the book and is an avid reader and she had visited one of the main locations that features in 3 WISE MEN. I flipped to a paragraph and she loved it. “That’s exactly how I remember it!” she exclaimed. Now, she is enjoying the 3 WISE MEN on her Kindle and looking forward to the attending the launch – being held here:

Here’s a few goodies you can expect:
1. Good company and good food and drink. Why else would you stop off on the way home after a busy day??

2. Meet the author. Though not exciting in itself, it would be nice to meet the author and find out some inside information about 3 WISE MEN. Of course, the author will be working diligently to avoid giving away too much of the plot!

3. Meet the author’s wife. This is much more important, because she has endured month after month of reading the book, listening to fresh ideas and reading final drafts. Therefore, she is highly likely to give away something important in the plot without you having to purchase a copy to find out yourself. Then again, she may not, or may forget which bits got left out in the revisions!

4. See pictures of places and characters that were captured on camera by the author (who is also an accomplished photographer) during his research into 3 WISE MEN. While doing so, you will hear a few small extracts from the book that dovetail into the photographs to provide a seamless narrative. Well, I hope so!

5. Have the chance to win a few nifty and attractive giveaways (and not just books)! Yes, there will be some door prizes. To prepare for this here are a few suggested questions that could be asked:

* How many people loose their lives in 3 WISE MEN – one, or more than one?
* Is 3 WISE MEN really a Dan Brown book on steroids? (No, delete this vain suggestion)
* Which of these events does not happen in 3 WISE MEN – a kidnapping, a drugging, a hallucination, or a suicide?
* What classic English sports car does the protagonist’s sister drive?
* Which of these countries does not figure in 3 WISE MEN – Israel, France, Russia, Italy or New Zealand?
* Name the perfume company that features in 3 WISE MEN (that should be an easy one!)
* Approx. how many words is 3 WISE MEN – 65,000; 75,000; 85,000; or 95,000? (Hint: you would be short-changed to buy a thriller of less than 75,000 words)
* Does 3 WISE MEN mention a ‘white rabbit’, ‘3 witches’, or a ‘talking gnome’?

And so on.

6. By now, the food and wine (or juice) will have prepared you for the chance to purchase a signed copy of 3 WISE MEN for yourself – and at a great price too!!!

7. With book in hand, you head home to enjoy a great evening of reading!

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